Slow Cooker Apple Sauce

Earlier this week I posted my “Frugal Living Tip of the Week” where I talked about slow cooker apple sauce. Here I share my not so secret, secret recipe.

Special Tools required:


1. Wash, core and chop roughly the apples. Remove any rotten bits or portions touched by animals. (Note if you are not using a chinois you will also need to peel your apples.)

2. Place apples in your slow cooker until it is filled or you run out of apples. If you want you can toss in a few cinnamon sticks for flavour. Cook on low for approximately 10 hours.

3. Once cooked let apples cool in slow cooker uncovered for about 2 hours then transfer into your chinois and process into apple sauce. (Note if you are not using a chinois all you need to do is mash the apple sauce no need to let it cool down.)

photo 14. Transfer sauce into jars. Store in refrigerator.  If you make a large batch you can also freeze the extra for later or preserve it.

photo 3

Since this batch of sauce was made with crab-apples we have been sprinkling a little bit of brown sugar on the sauce before enjoying it. For those of you that are not familiar with crab-apples some varieties can be a little sour.  The ones we uses taste a lot like Granny Smith apples.

photo 1-1


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