Summer Highlights


So many wonderful memories this summer here are a few in pictures…


Walked in both the Dyke March and World Pride.


New Tattoo – thank you Jay at Passage for such an awesome job.

photo 2

Lots and lots of Art, my house is being taken over by C’s creations.


Canned and canned and canned.


Hike and rock adventure with the family.


Spent an awesome week at the cottage.

head stand

Mastered my head stand.

photo 4

Worked on our target practice.
gardeningA very fruitful Garden.


photo 1

C Joined the circus. 10541872_10152568214341351_7305447685716658808_n

Worked on many new Pole Moves that used to seem impossible to me.

Thank you to my Pole Inc. peeps for all the help.


C got over his fears and started skateboarding again.

 invert on subway

Finally gathered enough courage to invert in the subway.

photo 3

It only took 3 years of trying but C finally decided a pony tail was a good thing.


C finally learned how to bike.


I lost count of how many playgrounds we visited

science center

Lots of trips to the Science Centre.

A few other highlights that I have no pictures for but are worth mentioning…

  • Visit from my mom & dad (I really can’t believe we did not take one picture while they where here…I feel like an awful daughter.)
  • Lots of play dates with friends.
  • C Monster’s attended Riverdale Farm Camp.
  • My birthday spent on Centre Island with friends.

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