Pole an Ever Evolving Journey

Next week I start another part of my pole journey – teaching. I will be teaching at Pole Inc. on monday nights at 7:45 PM – For the Love of Heels.

Now that my class is up on the schedule it’s feel oh so real.

When I first started pole everything felt so awkward I was trying to move in the sexy way the teachers where showing us and it all just felt silly, on the other hand moving in a very lyrical way also felt silly. One day it just clicked; I lost myself in a song and stopped worrying about my moves – it felt great.  I was free-styling and ever since I have not stoped.

About 9 months ago I purchased my first pair of “stripper heels” from Peggy AKA Pole Queen and after sorting out how to walk in them my freestyle’s became more empowering; a way to showcasing my inner sensuality. (Now I have 8 pairs) My heels have somewhat turned into a weird security blanket; they fuel me with confidence. With heels I found “my” style of dancing the way “I” enjoy moving. It did not really surprise me as my initial attraction to pole dancing was watching exotic dancers twirl around a brass pole. It was the raw sexual energy that one can give out while dancing that drew me to try pole dancing. It only makes sense that my favourite stye of pole dancing is “stripper style”.

I hope to see many new and familiar faces out Monday night showing off their moves in heels; and if you are not confident enough to strut your stuff in platforms strap a pair on for fun and I will help you find that confidence.

To finish this post an older picture of me in my first pair of “striper heels”…


… when I look at that picture all i can’t think of now is

point your toes, and fix your grip!!!


3 thoughts on “Pole an Ever Evolving Journey

  1. A very challenging task; dancing with on a pole. It is a fantastic art. Heels are always a requirement in my eyes and I like to add, heels are not made for strippers… Strippers use heels to better attract customers. 😉


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