Morning Yoga an Every Day Must in my Book

photo 1About 2 weeks ago I returned to my morning Yoga routine however this time I decided to modify it to focus on stretching my legs, back, shoulders and chest while minimizing strength training.  Ok you may ask why do I not want to combine strength training with my yoga? My logic behind this is I wanted a yoga flow that would let my muscles relax that I could do everyday as a therapy to help my body recover from all the strength work I do as a pole dancer. I wanted my yoga flow to focus on the areas that I need the help to release the most.  

It’s 9:40am right now and I have yet to go complete my Yoga for the day and my body is feeling it.  I woke up this morning (at 6:30) feeling lazy and not wanting to do anything. My shoulders feel pulled forward and my back is all crunchy.  So if you ask me does Yoga in the morning help yes!!! The flow I am working on takes maybe 30 mins or so and is easy to sneak into you day. On that note I’m going to be a happy yogi.

Yoga’s done and I’m back stretched and refreshed. 

I want to share with you a few of my favourite yoga poses that I feel are overlooked however very beneficial to pole dancer or really any athlete. 

Monkey (stretches hamstrings)It’s a lot like the forward fold that any yogi knows and does over and over however this on is a bit more active. To get into this pose place your feet slightly apart and fold your upper body forward into a forward fold. From there plant your hands in front of you (you can use a block under your hands if you can not reach), inhale, lift your chest away from your thighs and straighten your back then look up. As you can see, I am still working on getting my head up and my back perfectly straight. 

photo 2


Reverse Triangle – Straight Foot Variation (stretches hamstrings and hips) Stand with your feet wide apart. Point your toes to the front of your mat. Bring your left hand to your right ankle (mine is behind the goal is to get it in front on the other side of your leg). Bring your right arm to the sky. Keep both legs straight.  The original pose has your back foot on an angle I find for my body straightening the foot gives me a better stretch. Not all bodies are built the same try it with both feet positions and see what you like the best.


photo 3


Quad Stretch (stretches quads) : From a kneeling position, sit back on your heels. Place your elbows on the floor with your hands by your hips. Arch your chest to the sky. To deepen the stretch engage your quads and pull up. 

photo 4



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