Floor-work Love It or Hate It, It’s Part of Pole.

Floor-work is dreaded by so many, it seems for a lot of dancers as soon as you have to step away from your pole everything feels awkward. Once, someone told me her pole for her was like an umbilical cord it was safe place and it nourished her with strength and confidence. For me my pole is my dance partner or my supporting actress in a great movie. Yes it supports me, it is safe, it is familiar but letting go of it can be freeing. Letting go places me in a solo spot light; don’t get me wrong I always return to my dance partner quickly otherwise it may get lonely.

Floor-work for me has become an important part of my dance and this is why floor-work will be an integral part of my class I will be teaching Monday nights.

The only way one gets better at floor work is to practice it over and over and over. I try too sneak in a good hour a week of just floor work if not more.  I end this post with a highlight real of my leg-work from last week. I have to say, after 30 mins of leg-work my abs were killing me.


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