It needs to go… selling your stuff.

We all amass crazy amounts of things that we no longer use, especially when you have a child, however what you no longer need is often exactly what someone else is looking for.  Instead of discarding the item in the trash pass it on or sell it to someone. I have always used Craig’s List in the past to sell items but these days I find it less successful at sales. Their are so many local groups and sites for selling your items.  For 20 days, starting on Aug 18th, I tracked my sales; below are the results. My conclusion posting items on local boards is a much better way to make a sale.

Keep in mind I live in Toronto’s East End.


Facebook Group – Toronto Beaches Moms Buy & Sell

Items posted : 27

Items sold: 19

Total made: $150

Facebook Group – Leslieville Swap N Sell

Items posted : 14

Items sold: 7

Total made: $47


Items posted : 25

Items sold: 1

Total made: $5

Facebook Group – Cool Clothing for Sale-Toronto

Items posted : 10

Items sold: 2

Total made: $15


Items posted : 4

Items sold: 0

Total made: $0


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