Frugal Living Tip of the Week (Tip #3)

Finding Coupons

Last week I blogged about phone apps that provide you savings at the grocery store; today I talk about good old fashion coupons. On any given grocery trip I will save from $0.50 up $20.00 or more just with coupons. I have been asked many times where do I find all these coupons? Well it’s pretty simple as most of the work is already done for me by other bloggers.  I read 3 blogs that share links to deals and coupons – yup just 3. I also have these set up in a RRS feed to make life easier.

I use as an RRS reader.

I spend about 15 mins a day to go over the RRS feed each morning while drinking my tea.

photo 1

Organizing Coupons

Next step is to be organized at the Grocery Store so you don’t take forever fumbling around to find your coupons.  I always shop with a grocery list and stick to me list. Number one it goes faster and number two it controls impulse buys.  As I make my grocery list I note what items that I have coupons for; I also mark down the price of the sale items (I will explain my logic behind this another day).

photo 3

I store my coupons in a little accordion file pouch thingy that I purchased at Staples.  Make sure to select a storage folder that is water resistant (made from plastic) you don’t want your coupons getting wet by accident. I divide mine in the following categories:

  • Use ASAP (these are freebies, coupons that are expiring, or things I buy all the time)
  • Food Use
  • Food Other
  • Medication & Vitamines
  • Household Use
  • Household Other
  • Beauty Use
  • Beauty Other
  • Pets
  • Restaurants
  • Going Out
  • Other

I find those work for me; however you may need more or less categories depending on the quantity of coupons you clip.  For us because about 1/2 off all coupons available for food are for food items that are banned from our household I only need two food categories.  Many coupon clippers decide to divide the food in multiple categories.  Last tip I have to keep you organized is once a month, I usually pick the 25th, go threw your coupons remove anything that has expired and then separate the coupons that are expiring before the end of the following month.  I try to make sure to use any of them, before they expire, that are for items I buy regularly.

photo 2

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