Getting Comfortable with Spin Pole

Sometimes I wonder why I am drawn to Pole Dance. See I have a fear of heights, falling backwards and spinning. You get my point now?  I work hard at conquering these fears regularly in order to improve my dancing. To get accustomed to spin pole I have challenged myself to make it to one spin class a week and practice for at least 30 mins on spin every week.  I have to say it’s working, my comfort with spin is increasing. I no longer get dizzy and scared every five minutes, actually the only time the fear kicks in on spin is when I’m up high and i pretty much only get dizzy when I’m upside down. This is a long way form my first spin class that ended (well started and finished) with me sitting down after 10 mins and watching the other dancers gracefully fly for the rest of the class.

What else have I discovered that helps me with spin…

  • Eat a light but filling meal about an hour before class.  However nothing with too much liquid you don’t want it swishing around in your stomach during class.
  • Drink lots during class but in sips.  Too much liquid too fast is no good.
  • Instead of drinking water try a natural energy drink. I personally like Q Energy.
  • Close your eyes. Some people say to pick a spot to look at, that so does not work for me.
  • Don’t abruptly stop a move. Ease out of it by continuing to spin in the same direction while slowing down.
  • Mix up the direction you are spinning. Go once clockwise and the go once counter clockwise.
  • And remember it’s ok to take a break if you are feeling too dizzy!

I have started using spin as a warm up before working on many big tricks during my studio time at Pole Inc.  I place all the poles on spin and dance for 20 or so minutes.  Here is a highlight real from a few weeks back.


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