Frugal Living Tip of the Week (Tip #4)

Make it yourself.  Often making something from scratch is less expensive then purchasing it pre-made.  I say sometimes because you need to take in consideration all sorts of factors including your time and the cost of your ingredients. As a self employed and a stay at home mom often using my time to make home made goods is cost effective for us.  Somethings are so easy to make it only takes a few minutes others are very involved and can take hours. Then you also have to look at cost of the ingredients. I will use pumpkin seed butte and apple sauce as 2 examples.

Pumpkin seed butter

  • Cost for pre-made pumpkin seed butter : $5.99 to $7.99 per 250g jar
  • Cost of pumpkin seed : $1.32 per 100g
  • Cost for 250g of home made pumpkin seed : $3.30
  • Time used to make 5-10minutes

Apple sauce

  • Cost for pre-made apple sauce: $1.99 per 796mL jar
  • Pounds of apples required to make 796mL of home-made apple sauce: 2.25 pounds
  • For home-made apple sauce to be cost effective apples must cost less then: $0.88 per pound
  • Time used to make a batch 1 hour active time and 10 hours passive time

Conclusion pumpkin seed butter is cost-effective to make at home however; unless you are going for flavour it makes more sense to purchase your apple sauce. Here is a list of some of the items we make instead of buying, overtime I will share many of our recipes with you:

Pumpkin seed butter

Almond butter

Hemp butter

Coconut flour

Dried apples & pears





Frozen fruit (except berries)

Canned beets

Protein bars

We make many other items because as I think of them I will update my list and link to recipes…

dried apples

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