Spelt Pancakes aka “better then papa’s”

This morning it was only me and C Monster for breakfast so I asked him to pick what he would like for breakfast.  “Déjeuner special mama” was his answer. That basically means surprise me and bake something please. I decided to try a making pancakes with spelt flour I google quickly found a bunch of recipes and modified as I always do. So I present to you my “better then papa’s pancakes”  I’m sure you can guess why they are called this but basically I asked C Monster if he liked them and he said “They are the best ones ever they are even better then papa’s! Can we save some for papa so he can try them too?”

Yield: 7 pancakes 

Nutritional information per pancake: 78 calories; 1.6g fat; 12.6g carbohydrates;  2.7g protein; 1.8g fiber; 0.6g sugars



  • Combine vinegar and milk and let sit while you prepare remainder ingredients
  • In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients and mix well
  • Add egg and milk mixture and whisk until there are no more lumps
  • Place a little bit of oil on a hot skillet (I used about 1/4 tsp.) and spread to coat skillet
  • Make sure heat is about at medium and that skillet and oil is nice and hot then cook pancakes
  • I use about 1/4 batter per pancake
  • Cook first side until pancake starts to bubble then flip and cook other side for about 2 minutes
  • Enjoy hot with syrup of your choice; according to me the only syrup one should enjoy pancakes with is 100% real Canadian maple syrup




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