Frugal Living Tip of the Week (Tip #5)

Sale shop your groceries.  Invest in a chest freezer it will be your best friend. Find an area in your home to make a food pantry, we have a cold room in the basement.


  • I try to select fruit that is less then $1 per pound whenever possible
  • Buy extras of items you like for smoothies, pies and deserts and freeze
  • Buy extras to dehydrate and add to granolas, muesli and trail mix
  • When prices goes under $0.75 per pound buy extras and make sauces or canned fruit


  • Look at what is on sale in flyer and tailor your meals around them
  • When the big 10lbs bags of carrots and beets go on sale buy them and preserve them in a canner
  • When cauliflower, cucumbers, beets, carrots, string beans are at there cheapest make home made pickles
  • If you like vegetables if your smoothies buy when on sale and freeze for later use


  • Buy in large quantities when it goes on sale and freeze
  • Look for reduced items these are still good, cook up same day or freeze for later
  • I try to never pay more then $10kg for meat

Dry goods, beauty products and cleaners:

  • Most of these will keep for a year or more. So stock up when a great sale is on, I usually buy 6 months worth at a time.

IMG_6120 IMG_6121 IMG_6122

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