Homework – A New Reality for C Monster

Now that my little big guy is in grade one he has homework. Every night he has a book to read and some writing to practice. Reading is going great he however has a bit of a hard time with his p q d and b however that is common.  So I made him some flash cards to practice just those sounds and it seems to helping.


He also gets a science activity each week. This week it was about alive and not alive.  As you can see at six he is already placing things outside the boxes.  When I asked him if the pumpkin was alive or not alive he said not as it has been picked. Since he was already thing about this I then asked him what about the seeds? So we looked up on the interweb the definition of alive and not alive. His conclusion was that the pumpkin and mushroom are both alive and not. The seeds and spores are alive but because the pumpkin and mushroom have been harvested they are not alive.

I love my kid!



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