#freestyle #fortheloveofdance

About a week ago I was nominated by my amazing mentor at Pole Inc. and even greater friend Alexa to record and share a freestyle with the world. Alexa here is your #Freestyle.  It’s now my turn to nominate some amazing dancers that i have met since my journey started almost 2 years ago.

I nominate…

Michelle the studio owner from an amazing studio in my hometown that I got to spend time at 2 summers ago and am really looking forward to visiting again next summer when we travel out east again.

Sam S. one of my students and also great friend. Sam you bring such a positive energy to everything you do, I know you have said in the past that i am an inspiration to you; however I want you to know that your love of dance and learning and letting go is on of my inspirations to teach and keep going at what I do.

Jeanie you always amaze me with your crazy moves. I challenge you to a freestyle because I know you dislike them (I was going to say hate but that is such a strong word).  Also I don’t expect to see your freestyle until after Nationals. Good luck bring us home a medal I know you have it in you!


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