Halloween and More…

Since my computer was out of commission for a few weeks there are so many post I wanted to do that ended up never being.  Here are a few pictures I was going to blog about…

Recently C got to attend a chocolate making party.  He never stops to amaze me as I was certain he was going to be all wired and over the place.  No, to my surprise he was one of the calmest kids; very patient and focus on the activity.  No trying to disrupt the other kids or gain the instructors attention!  Did not even have a meltdown when I explained to him that he could not eat the sprinkles, marshmallow and cupcake that the other kids had. He decided to make the items he could not have for his papa instead.

chocolate FullSizeRender

Last Friday after school he spent a good part of his time building a store.  These are very heavy logs and many of them require teamwork to move it was great watching him work it out with other kids.

FullSizeRender fort

Halloween came and past.  I was sure I was going to get “it’s not fair” over and over however; instead he accepted the fact that he was not aloud to eat most of his candy.  As previously agreed upon before Halloween, we traded the candy for Pokemon cards.  He now has a pretty sweet Pokemon card collection and I am learning how to play Pokemon!



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