Do I cross train? – Part 1 Strength Training

I get asked all the time by “newer dancers” (I still consider myself a new dancer) do I only pole dance?  I am a strong believer that cross training is a must to create a injury free well rounded dancer. Pole dancing is a phenomenal work out that targets your whole body, however some muscles are used more then others depending on the moves you are working on.

Side note… great article from The Heart of Pole on this subject.

It’s important to work the muscles that are forgotten or less used in what you are currently working on.  This will help you build overall body strength to do those really big moves at a future date. For me right now I concentrate my strength training to my legs, abs and butt. I do use my abs a lot in pole but i am working on being able turn my arial inverts as effortless as my normal inverts; stronger abs will help with this. I spent a long time researching apps and workout that I can keep on my phone. On my phone means it’s with me everywhere I go; makes it harder for me to come up with excuse to not do them.

So you ask what app did I settle on?  – Daily Workout Apps. I know such a creative title. Why you ask?

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal adds
  • Short intense workout – 10mins workout
  • Video of each move
  • Great description of proper body positioning for each move
  • Various level, so you can increase difficulty with time

I have now been using the apps for 1 month and I can say I am still happy with them. I have been rotating daily between Daily Abs Workout level 1 – 10mins, Daily Legs Workout level 2 – 10 mins and Daily Workout Butt level 2 – 10mins.

If you try these out let me know what you think…


sit up


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