Do I Cross Train Part 2 – Cardio

As a pole dancer cardio is your friend.  Cardio will allow you to dance longer without feeling like your lungs are going to collapse. Something I often get asked by my students “why are you never out of breath after your freestyles?” The more you move the easier it gets to move longer. A few years back I used to be able to run for maybe 2 mins before I needed to switch to walking for 5 mins or so; I can now go a good 30 mins. How do you build up this endurance? Slowly!

For me my cardio goal is to be able to pole dance for 10 mins non-stop without looking like I’m about to pass out.  I reached that goal this pass summer. To make sure I  maintain this and improve on it I make sure I get a daily cardio workout in that gets my heart going for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Let me explain. So if it takes you 5 minutes running before your heart starts beating at a nice fast rate run 15 minutes. If it takes you 10 minutes on an elliptical go for 20 minutes. If it takes you 15 minutes power walking, power walk for 25 minutes. You can always go longer if you want!

I get asked what do you do for cardio? Well I really don’t like most cardio activities so for the most part I select the ones that are the most efficient for me. Elliptical machine and jumping rope are my 2 top choices just because they get my heart rate up faster.  I also love power walking, running and cycling as it’s cardio and a form of transportation.  As for fun cardio workouts dancing and ice skating!



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