Pokémon Expansion Symbols by Geoffrey Wiseman

Here is my first entry from a guest blogger; hopefully not the last. This post was originally published December 4, 2014 on Geoffrey Wiseman’s blog.

My six-year-old son (and, seemingly, his entire school) are into the Pokémon trading cards. They don’t trade them, and although we’ve played with him, very few of the other students his age know how to play the game properly. Still, they like having the cards and showing them to each other.

As my son’s collection has grown, my wife has been organizing and cataloging them, and it has gotten increasingly tricky. Even with the card collection lists, just recognizing the different expansion set symbols is hard. Bulbapedia has a fine list, but it has more information than I care about (notably, the details about the Japanese sets), and it’s not in a particularly printable form.

Accordingly, I’ve used their information to make a PDF of the expansion symbols in a simple, printable format that I can keep up to date. Having gone through the trouble of making it, I thought it would be a good idea to share it in case someone else wants the same thing.

-Geoffrey Wiseman


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