Dance Shoes – Repairing Your Heels

Any dancer that likes to dance in shoes can attest to the fact that it will destroy your shoes! You can however extend the life of your shoes by repairing them when they get damaged.  Today’s post is about changing your heel tip on your shoes. If you do not know what a heel tip is; it’s the little black bit at the end of your heel.


You want to replace it before the actual heel (red part in picture above) starts wearing down.  If you start paying attention to your heels you will also probably notice the tip on you dominant outside leg wears out faster then the other one.  Reason letting your shoe drag along the floor. I’m not saying don’t drag your foot done properly it looks hot! Just take care of your shoe and change the tip from time to time.

You will need to gather the materials required: hammer or mallet; pliers; new heel tips. You can buy replacement heel tips fairly cheep on ebay. To determine the size you need measure the widest section of the heel tip on your shoe in mm.


The first step is to remove the damage heel tip.Take your pliers and gently twist and pull until the heel tip comes off.


Line up the new heel tip with the shoe heel and gently hammer it in. Make sure the new tip is all the way in and properly aligned with the heel. All done till next time.



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