Blindfold Dancing

I have been experiencing with different learning techniques, one being blindfolds. If you take away one sense you heighten the other senses. Dancing with a blindfold is an exercise that has been used in dance for centuries as training for partner awareness.  In pole dance our partner is the pole.

What do I feel this exercise does for me:

1. Gives me a deeper connection to the music that is playing.

When you close your eyes and listen to music it’s much easier to connect and feel every little beat in your body.  When trying to emote music in dance this connection is crucial.

2. Helps with my spacial awareness. 

Spacial awareness is so important in pole. I don’t know how often I hear “don’t kick the pole” in class. You often need to know where your extremities are without looking at them or else the move you are working on will often not look complete. When starting to venture into doubles, drops and tumbles it’s even more important to understand where your body is.  For drops it’s in relation to the floor how far have you traveled along the pole.  In doubles it is your position in relation to your partner’s or anticipated partner’s position.

To read more about dancing blindfolded check out this link. If you decide to give this a try think about taking a video like I did and share it with us.


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