Toronto Pole Dancing Studios

Part of my pole dancing goals for 2015 is to travel to other studios.  Why would one take classes at more than one studio you may ask?

Stepping outside of your home studio and entering a strange environment can be challenge, your home studio becomes a safety net and family; once this is removed you are more vulnerable. My main reason to travel is that every teacher out there has their own unique style of dance and moves they teach, the more teachers you have the larger your vocabulary of moves becomes.

I compiled a list of the studios in Toronto and it’s surroundings that I will look into visiting.  I will try to blog about my experience at every single one of them.  Also if I forgot a studio; someone please let me know!

Since Pole Inc. is my home studio it’s not listed above but I can’t leave them out of this post as Pole Inc. is my family! If you want to learn more about Pole Inc. check out this great post I wrote about them.


8 thoughts on “Toronto Pole Dancing Studios

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