Ringing in The New Year

I spent New Years Eve at home quietly with my family and S a close friend that I consider one of my sisters.  I have done the big parties in the past but honestly spending a quiet evening at home is what I needed this year. Sometimes good conversation family and wine is all one needs. S left early as she was tired and so was I as my eyes were shut by 11pm.

As for today I will be spending the day with my Pole Family at Pole Inc.  Alex our fearless leader likes starting the New Year with a free pole jam; she asks that you bring a donation for a local food bank. So from noon to 5pm you will find me at my home away from home. If you want more info on Pole Inc. or the pole jam check out Pole Inc’s contact page and schedule.

Pss.. tell all your friends they are running an awesome Groupon today!

FullSizeRender fam

The above pic was taken for a class project my son was working on. Each time I see it I think Geoff should also be wearing leggings and a tank. Happy New Years from my family to all my readers families.

How did you spend New Years Eve and Day?


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