Gluten Free Heaven From the Store!

A few nights ago I wanted to get a treat for the family.  Buying treats are getting more and more complicated with all the various food restrictions both my son and I have.

My son does not have ADHD however a few years ago he exhibited many of the characteristics, so I decided to clean up his diet and we have seen a huge improvement in his behaviour.  We have already eliminated from his diet artificial food colouring, artificial dyes, artificial flavourings, artificial additives, artificial preservatives. I am now working on removing cows milk and gluten. As for me I’m gluten and dairy free.  I want to get tested for other allergens and intolerance this year because there are certainly a few other things I should be avoiding.

All that being said navigating the grocery store aisle to find something that meets everyone’s requirements feels like finding a needle in a haystack! Then there is a greater than 50% chance that the item will taste like cardboard! We hit the jackpot tonight with Enjoy Life Double Chocolate cookies, the whole family gave them 2 thumbs up.



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