Pole Inc. More Then Just a Pole Studio – It’s a Family

Today I start my journey exploring different Pole Dancing Studios in the Toronto Area, however this post is not about that. This post is about a Pole Studio that is very special to me Pole Inc.  Pole Inc. and all of its dancers; novice and seasoned; that have come and gone; male and female (yes we have boys that dance at our studio), have become an extended family to me. Alex my pole mom (sorry for calling you that but you are our mother hen and fearless leader!) is an amazingly strong women she brings 110% to every class she teaches and gives her heart and soul to her studio. Honestly I have no clue how she does it. I was so proud of her when she placed first in the 2014 Ontario Pole Fitness Championships; Masters Division.



Being part of the Pole Inc. family sets my standards high for what I feel a great Pole Studio is. Pole Inc. is a place where you can let go; where you don’t need to worry about being judged; you can be who you are as pole dancer; beginner or advanced it does not matter everyone is welcomed. Pole Inc. is truly a family not just a fitness and dance studio!

Oh! did I mention, Pole Inc. also has 13 feet poles! Yup, 13 feet of chrome fun for you to climb, tumble, drop and invert on; solo or with a friend or even 2 friends! Other then the awesomest poles ever some of the other studio highlights I love are:

  • All the poles have the feature to be on spin or static, just ask a Pole Inc. family member we will be happy to show you how to switch your pole during open practice. If you have never tried spin pole, take a class and get comfortable spinning!
  • A great waiting area that you can warm up or cool down in. (It’s big enough to set up a stage pole!)
  • Lots of exercise goodies for you to use such as foam roller, weight, handstand blocks, mats and more.
  • All the pole are 45mm chrome; same as in competitions!
  • Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, mirrors – do I need to say more?
  • Snacks and drinks on hand to buy at a very reasonable price, I don’t know how many times I was starving and dizzy in the middle of 2 hour pole session and forgot to bring food.
  • Located on Carlaw Ave near Dundas Street where the Toronto neighbourhoods Lesliville, Riverside and Riverdale meet it is easily accessible by car, streetcar, bus or my favourite way by foot.

I could go on forever about Pole Inc. but I will shut up now. If you are ever in the Toronto Area you should come see the studio for yourself you won’t regret visiting!


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