The Pressures On; Well For Some.

If you are a regular in a pole studio the buzz is on about competitions and showcases.  It’s that time of year to think about submission videos an applications. For me it’s the time of year to support my friends in their adventure that starts with imagination and hard work then culminates with your big night on stage. For some it’s a first and others are more seasoned performers, however for all, the nerves will usually kick in at one point in time. Hopefully along their journey lots of fun and laughs will be had.

It was not an easy decision to make; perform/not perform went through my head for over a month and honestly I’m still not 100% at ease with my choice not to perform. It’s something I want to do, I just truly don’t feel ready at this point in my pole journey. Sometimes I think that both my pole family, myself included, forget that my 2 year pole anniversary is yet to come. Another factor for me is that I have a hard time with changes in my routine and dealing with new experiences – yes for those that know me I hide it very well. Since I am giving myself the challenge this year to travel to other studios and try new things I feel this all my emotions and wellbeing can deal with at once.

[Friends don’t let me back out of performing next year. If you need to tie me down and force me to submit my application do it!]

All of this brings me to Verticalove the first event in our amazing line up in Ontario.  On March 27th and 28th at Bay City Music Hall in Hamilton Ontario, dancers from far and near will take over the stage to perform at  Verticalove Pole Dance & Artistry Showcase.  It will be my first year attending Verticalove and I am super excited about the showcase for multiple reasons however one especially stands out. Fran Mackenzie creator, producer and creative director for Verticalove has asked me to be an official blogger for them this year. Whether you are a performer or attendee stay tuned for more posts about anything and everything Verticalove. If there are subjects you would like to read about or questions you would like to ask let me know and I will do my best to blog about them. I already have ideas for my first few post!



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