Attending Verticalove; Tickets; Travel; Lodging

Since I just finished sorting out my tickets, travel and lodging I figured this should be the subject of my next Verticalove post. This year will be my first time attending Verticalove; however I’ve heard from past attendants that Fran and her crew put on an amazing showcase for pole dancers from near and far. Along with pole Verticalove welcomes other art forms, in the past there has been silks, hoop and burlesque performances to name a few. One of my favourite reasons to attend showcases and competitions is the inspirations I get from them, I always come out re-energized and motivated to work event harder at what I do. For example after Nationals this year I finally found myself a doubles partner and made a plan to work together once a week. So if you are not already attending Verticalove as a performer, go as spectator! Even if you are just starting out in pole you will be enchanted and inspired by amazing dancers; many that I now consider friends.

First thing you need to do is get your tickets! Tickets are just $35 plus taxes per night and you can purchased them online here.  Secondly if you don’t already live in Hamilton sort out your travel plans.  If you are traveling from far you can fly directly to Hamilton or Toronto’s airport then make your way to Hamilton. For many of my readers and me we will be traveling from Toronto. Hamilton is only an hour to an hour and a half away by car, depending on exactly where you are coming from in Toronto, this is my method of travel.  I highly recommend getting together with friends that are also attending the showcase and carpooling together to save money and traveling with friends is always more fun.  If you want to attend the showcase but don’t know anyone who is ask around at your pole studio or on Facebook groups I am sure someone else is planning on going and has an extra spot in their cat, how knows you may even make a new friend on the way.

Shhh… stay tuned for my next post that will include a contest to score 2 tickets to Verticalove Pole Dance and Artistry Showcase.

If you don’t have a car or access to a friend with a car you can always take the GO.  For those of you that are not familiar with the GO it is a long distance commuter bus. Once in Hamilton you can take the HSR (local transit) or a taxi to get around Hamilton. The only down side with the GO is you are constraint with timing. The last GO bus will most likely be leaving Hamilton before the last performance, however if you are planing on making it a weekend away in Hamilton that no longer matters. Since I dislike driving late at night on highways I am spending the weekend in Hamilton! If you want to book a hotel I recommend to book now! I will repeat that book now!  If you want to stay in Hamilton itself, according to Travelocity the only Hotel that is not fully booked for the weekend (as of today January 9) is the Staybridge Suites.  You can always stay in a neighbouring city but once again if you do not have a car you will need to plan for travel to and from the Showcase and your Hotel.

So there you have it, tickets, travel and lodging. If you have any other suggestions for my readers on travel or lodging please share in the comments. Also I have one spot in my car for a friend (not an internet stranger; someone I know or who knows someone I know) I’m heading up during the day on Friday and coming back to Toronto early morning on Sunday; just putting it out there to help a fellow pole dancer.

Here’s hoping to seeing many old friends and making new one at the Verticalove Pole Dance and Artistry Showcase.

If you have not done it yet join the Facebook group!

Closing this post with an amazing picture from one of Vertical Loves past performers Jane Li. Jane Li


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