Verticalove Q&A with Bob Zamora

Fran Mackenzie connected me with some of the Verticalove performers, each performer was sent the exact same set of questions to answer.

Q&A with Bob Zamora from Westminster, Colorado (age 57)

Is that your real name or a stage name:

It’s my real name.

Home Studio (if you have one):

Don’t have one.

Is this your first performance?


How long have you been pole dancing?

Six years

How often do you train?

Twice a week. One group class and a private lesson with Estee Zakar.

Before pole where you a dancer, gymnast or any other kid of athlete?

Ice hockey player. I still play beer league.

Do you train on both sides when you pole? Why or why not?

No. I’m lazy. 

Are you a full time poler; If you’re not a full time poler, how do you balance work, friends, life and pole?

No. I pole for fun. I work full time as a research meteorologist. I’m not very good at the balance. Most of the time my wife wants to kill me.

What inspires your movement?

Why do you dance? I am inspired by classical and contemporary ballet. I started taking ballet class five years ago and fell in love with the clarity of the movement. I dance to express emotion and I have little or no interest in major tricks or gymnastics on pole. I dance to tell a story and bring music alive with emotion on the pole. Karol Helms and Estee Zakar also inspire me. They are my pole inspirations/idols.

Heels or No Heels?

Hahahaha! Both. I can work 8” Pleasers. Ask Fran. But all my major performances save one have been barefoot.

Favourite song to dance to?

When no one is watching, Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey. When everyone is watching: Divenire by Ludivico Einaudi

Favourite pole dance move?

Extended Butterfly

What pole move is your nemesis?

Planche. Lots of missing skin.

Favourite pole clothing brands?

Pole of choice: Size, Material, Height, Static, Spin?

45 mm chrome X-Pole. 14 ft. I love spin. Ballet and spin pole are a match made in heaven.

Finish this sentence.

Pole dancing is…. One of the most difficult and rewarding challenges in my life.

I would like to say thank you Bob Zamora for taking the time to answer my questions and sharing his answers with my readers and me. Also I want to remind all my readers that you can enter for a chance to win 2 tickets to Verticalove simple by following the step by step directions on my contest blog post page (warning you do need to post a link to a picture of you pole dancing in the comments, this can be from FacebookTwitterInstagram or anywhere’s else on the web).  Also you can buy tickets online to attend Vertical love and see some amazing dancers like Bob Zamora perform.


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