Verticalove Q&A With Melanie Irene

Fran Mackenzie connected me with some of the Verticalove performers, each performer was sent the exact same set of questions to answer.
Q&A with Melanie Irene from London, Ontario (age 32)

Photo courtesy of Brian Thompson Photography

Photo courtesy of Brian Thompson Photography

Is that your real name or a stage name:

Real 1st and middle name

Home Studio (if you have one):

Tricky question – I teach at Studio Chic London, but I train with a group of local polers at a rental studio, off YouTube videos or occasionally with Shanyn Pollard at SASS or with anyone who comes around for private lessons or workshops.

Is this your first performance?


How long have you been pole dancing?

8 years

How often do you train?

Pole approx 2-5 times per week depending on what competitions or showcases are coming up.

Before pole where you a dancer, gymnast or any other kid of athlete?

I was a dancer

Do you train on both sides when you pole? Why or why not?

I do now because the balance is super important and a lot of cool combos involve both sides.  But, when I first started my instructor did not promote it, so my other side is still a fair bit weaker.  And as an instructor, I definitely force my students to work both sides.

Are you a full-time poler; If you’re not a full-time poler, how do you balance work, friends, life and pole?

No, not full-time.  I think the balance used to be trickier, but at this point a lot of my friends are polers, so a lot of my social time with friends is around pole.  It’s also not the trickiest balance because pole is my “me” time.  And I currently am lucky enough to have a very flexible job.

What inspires your movement? Why do you dance?

Mostly I dance to express myself.  I am usually inspired by either past experiences or emotions.  And sometimes the inspiration is an amazing pole or dance video that someone posts.

Heels or No Heels?

I love dancing in heels, but usually perform in no heels – 2 completely different styles that are both fantastic!

Favourite song to dance to?

Anything with a slow beat and good flow.

Favourite pole dance move?

Anything elbow grip or splits-y

What pole move is your nemesis?

Currently Phoenix and deadlifts.  Cross ankle release was my nemesis for about 5 years, but I finally got it not too long ago.

Favourite pole clothing brands?

Bad Kitty, Titika (for tops – shorts are a little long)

Pole of choice: Size, Material, Height, Static, Spin?

45mm, chrome, as high as possible, static

Finish this sentence.

Pole dancing is….freedom from all the things that try to hold you back.

I would like to say thank you Melanie Irene for taking the time to answer these questions and sharing her answers with my readers and me. Also I want to remind all my readers that you can enter for a chance to win 2 tickets to Verticalove simple by following the step by step directions on my contest blog post page (warning you do need to post a link to a picture of you pole dancing in the comments, this can be from FacebookTwitterInstagram or anywhere’s else on the web).  Also you can buy tickets online to attend Vertical love and see some amazing dancers like Irene perform.
Let’s close this post with one of Melanie Irene’s past Verticalove performances.

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