Dance Shoes – Repairing Your Soles

When you do as much floor work in heels as I do, your shoes eventually start talking. Talking shoe can become a tripping hazard.  I have tried all sorts of tricks to repair this, however good old fashion Krazy Glue seems to work best.

You want to make sure your don’t get any on your fingers, wearing gloves is the only way to guarantee this. Trust me it sucks to get some on your fingers, really messes with your grip until it all comes off.

This is a pretty simple fix. Peel back the sole and add a little glue then push back together.  You need to clamp your shoe until the glue is fully dry.  I use C clamps to do this.  If it’s a close toe shoe stuff your shoe with a sock and place an old piece of fabric on top of the toe before clamping down the shoe this will protect the finish and shape of the toe.



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