GTA Pole Studio Diaries – Brass Vixens Queen West Location

Last January I started my pole travels beyond my home studio and decided it would only be fitting to re-visit the studio that caused me to fall in love with pole as my first location – Brass Vixens Queen West Location. I bought myself a 10 class punch card and started checking out the schedule to see what classes where of greater interest to me.  I have to say, one of the things Brass Vixens Queen West Location has going for them is a lot of options when it comes to classes; they have everything from pole, arial yoga, hula hoop, twerking, stretch, choreography, floor work…  I’m sure I missed something.

Side note: Brass Vixens has 3 locations I only visited one, I plan on returning to the other locations in the future. 

So you ask: “What classes did I try out?

  • Advance Pole with Dani Lee
  • Pole Intermediate with Melissa G.
  • Twerkout with Shani H.
  • Aerial Strech with Shona R.
  • Pole Intermediate with Ms. Dawn

For my GTA Pole Studio Diaries I’m going to focus on the pole dance classes/teachers and how I felt the studios met my needs as a dancer and student. It’s not that I did not enjoy my other classes, it’s just that my adventures in booty shaking and flying are for another day and post.

I have to say I was very nervous going to the studio for the first time.  I was scared I would not be welcomed by the teachers or other students since I was an outsider.  However I was very honest about my intentions and who I was and where I was from.  I did not leave anything out each time I met a new teacher or employee at Brass Vixens Queen West Location and to my surprise (I’m very embarrassed to say I was surprised) I was welcomed open armed as a temporary member of the #ArmyOfBrass.

Pole classes and the teachers…

I have to say both Dani Lee and Melissa G. are amazing instructors.  I definitely learned a lot from them in the short time I spent with them. I would recommend anyone that is an intermediate to early advance pole student to try their classes. If you are looking for the super crazy pole tricks and combos these are probably not the classes for you however it would not surprise me if Dani Lee could teach you some these in a private lesson. So you ask what kind of moves did we work on? In Melissa G.’s Pole Intermediate I worked on my Genie, Side Saddle, Superman, Layback, Iguana and Ayesha. During Dani Lee’s Advance Pole I worked on my Gemini Mount, Jade, No hands Jade, Inside Leg Hang and Leg Switches.  I’m sure we worked on some other moves also but my memory can only capture so many things on any given day. Dani Lee’s condition is also brutal in such a lovely way.

As for the studio did I have any likes and dislikes?

This one is challenging, overall Brass Vixens is a great studio I would recommend it to any one that is first starting out pole assuming it’s conveniently located to you.  That being said a few things that I found challenging and/or frustrating while at Brass Vixens Queen West:

  • Poles are too short, however it’s worth nothing I’m used to 13 feet poles.
  • About a third of the poles are brass 50s; I typically dance on chrome 45s.
  • The classes are very large and almost always at capacity.
  • Once placed on spin mode, the pole are hard to control, unlike the X-Poles that I am used to.
  • You can only register for class 72 hours prior to that class.

On another side many of those challenges are the exact reason why I want to travel to other studios; I want to try a variety of pole types, brands, height, widths and finishes.  I had never really danced much on brass or on 40s  and 50s before my month at Brass Vixens.

And for the highlights:

  • The amazing wood floors are so nice to dance on, especially for floor work.
  • Mirrors, mirrors galore. I’m pretty certain it does not matter what pole you use, you will always be able to see yourself.
  • They have some 40s, for me it’s not a huge deal as 45s are my favourite, however some dancers specificaly seek out 40s.
  • Great atmosphere lightning, no harsh bright lights.
  • Lots of supplies on hand such as: mats, pole cleaners, cotton cloths, weights and more.

Thank you to all the lovely Vixens that welcomed me opened armed and to all the amazing teachers that I had the privilege to learn from.

I would like to close this post with a throwback picture from one of my first visits to Brass Vixens Queen West from 2013.



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