Custom Leggings For One Super Kid – Part 1

Most of my regular readers know by now that I have a super awesome 7 year old son that is just as much a monkey as I am. C has been taking arial silks classes for almost a year and has been doing circus since he was 5 years old. The most frustrating part about having a boy that dances and does arial acrobatics is finding him suitable clothing for classes.  It seems that most dance clothing for the male half of the world does not exist in child sizes.  I say most because you can easily find plain boring items that are of no interest to my crazy kid. If you have ever done silks you also know leggings are the best; the same goes for hoop, trapeze or almost anything else you can hang upside down from except for a metal pole. The first thing most of you probably think is: “Why do I not go to the girls section and just buy leggings?” Most girl leggings are covered in glitter, hearts, lace, flowers or the words girl power, C has no interest in these he wants “boy leggings”.  I’m also pretty certain there is a large portion of the girls in the world that would also dislike those.  If I am lucky enough to find something that does not contain any of those they are usually plain black, baby pink, white or grey. Once again too boring for C and well baby pink is not his thing – bright pink maybe, but baby pink no. The other style of leggings I can find are the thin cotton ones girls typically where under dresses; these last about 2 classes with C before they are destroyed. Thin cotton leggings are not meant for arial acrobatics! After trying leggings from Wallmart, H&M, Value Village and Target; I have decided to give up finding leggings in a store and turned to a company I’m already familiar with the quality of there products: HeyHey & Co. They are well know in the Toronto pole dancing community as providing great quality practice and performance clothing. I was very please when Candice from HeyHey & Co informed me that yes they could make me some kid size leggings. So the process has begun and C has chosen his fabrics… image2image6 The best in his eyes is that he will have leggings that match mama’s new pole shorts. C is looking forward to trying these out and hopefully getting many more pairs made in the future. Thank you to the HeyHey & Co. team you are going to make one mama’s life easier and one kid happy!


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