Finding Your Freestyle

If you know me as a dancer by now you probably know that I love to freestyle I find it freeing. For so many dancers freestyle is daunting and scary something that is feared.  I will be honest freestyles have not always come to me easily, I remember feeling awkward; having no clue what to do next; feeling like I was repeating the same move over and over or worst to stop dead centre of a song. How did I surpass this and achieve a place where freestyle pole became pure pleasure – I danced a lot!

There are all sorts of techniques and exercises one can do to gain confidence with freestyle dancing however the biggest help is to dance and dance a lot. I wanted to share with you a few tricks that I have used over time to help build my confidence in freestyle dance.

Record yourself and watch it. Watching yourself dance in one of the most import key elements to bettering yourself in movement.  This way you can see what moves you tend to repeat.  What moves suit your body best. You can also look back and remember any awesome new combos that you magically come up with while dancing.  I know I can’t remember anything I just did after a freestyle, the camera is my friend it tells me all the awesome tricks I just completed and anything that I need to work on.

Find your go to moves. Go to moves are simple moves (for you) that you can pretty much do without thinking. These moves allow you to think about what you want to do next while you are doing them. Use your go to moves to your advantage giving the audience the illusion you are not thinking. These can be as simple as a pole turn or as complex as an Iron X, it all depends on the dancer in question. My go to moves are : shoulder rolls, climbs, lay backs, body-waves and the nose breaker drop. You will probably see every single one of my go to moves in almost all my freestyles.

Dance to music you love. Everyone has songs they love, use these to inspire your movement and dance. It’s much easier to freestyle to a song that you know.  That being said once your comfort level increases with freestyle challenge yourself by dancing to new music or even better have a friend select a song for you that you have never heard.

Dance like you have an audience. Dancing for an audience always seems to bring out the best out of people. Subconsciously you want to impress your audience this shows in your dance. However you don’t always have an audience to dance for, you don’t need one you can imagine one.  Pretend you are dancing for someone!

I have lots more tricks to helping one find their freestyle however I find those are some of the key ones that helped me at the beginning of my freestyle journey.

I think I will close this post with the last freestyle I did, it’s a pants on freestyle!


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