Chromageddon ~ Alter Ego 2015

My tickets have been secured (Section 1, Row C, Seats 7&8 – don’t be shy come and say hi to me) and a babysitter has been booked (actually 2 babysitters but that is another story).  Like last year’s Chromageddon Geoff is joining me and we are making this a date night.

Last year I was still really new to pole and remember being completely overwhelmed with all the glitz, glitter and amazing performances. I’m pretty certain Geoff was left dumbfound by some of the performers tricks, as I remember him commenting that Astrid must have been hiding magnets in her leg warmers. This time around I am a little more settled in the pole community, have more connections and friends within the community; however I am certain I will still be completely overwhelmed with all the glitz, glitter and amazing performances.

PJ-Piglet Poles and her crew put on an amazing events. Last year I was delighted to cheer on many of my Pole Inc. peeps; this year I’m looking forward to cheering on not just my Pole Inc. peeps but all of the other equally amazing new friends I have made in the pole dancing community.


Image: Emily Kelman, by Stephen Ruttan

Chromageddon does not only showcase local talent they bring in a few pole stars to each event. This year Cleo The Hurricane and Jedda Jordan will be the featured guest performances. I have yet to have the opportunity to watch either of these ladies dance live (watched many hours of video of the internet); needless to say I am stoked and thrilled about there upcoming performances. 

If by any chance you have never heard of these 2 talented sexy ladies google them; better yet I have googled them for you,  just click on the links below and discover some amazing talent.


With the pole starts often come workshops so keep an eye out on Chromageddon’s website, Twitter and Facebook pages for these. If workshops happen you will definitely find me in a few of them.


2 thoughts on “Chromageddon ~ Alter Ego 2015

  1. Do you think there will be tickets on the night ?? I want to buy a standing ticket now but don’t know anyone in Canada yet to go with and hope to meet someone to drag along in the couple of weeks before when I get there so they can just get one there?


  2. the tickets are selling out super fast my guess is it will be a sold out show. If you want to go get your ticket now. I am sure that once you are in Canada if you ask around at the studio that you decide to join there will be someone that is going… Happy travels.

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