Verticalove Q&A with Rain

Fran Mackenzie connected me with some of the Verticalove performers, each performer was sent the exact same set of questions to answer.

Q&A with Rain from Mississauga, ON (age 32)

Is that your real name or a stage name:

It’s my stage name in downtown Toronto.


32… grrr I am getting old.

Home town:

Originally I was Born in Taiwan.  Move to Mississauga when I was 14 and have been living in Mississauga for 17 years.

Home Studio (if you have one):
Is this your first performance?

No, this is actually my 3rd performance for the pole community.

How long have you been pole dancing?

I took my first pole lesson in the summer of 2013.  So I’ve been pole dancing for almost 2 years.

How often do you train?

“Train” sounds like a harsh word.  As a matter of fact I never really “train”.  I like to pole dance and I do it when I want to do it. There’s only fun when I grab the pole.  So I have never focus on training to make my routine perfect, but instead I just dance my heart out while listening to the music.  I do go to the pole class once a week, plus I can also pole dance 3 times a week at my part time job when I work there.    

Before pole where you a dancer, gymnast or any other kid of athlete?

I started pole dancing 4 months after I start exotic dancing, but I have no gymnastic, dance or any kind of athletic background before I was an exotic dancer. 

Do you train on both sides when you pole? Why or why not?

I don’t train!!! I only focus on my dominant side when I freestyle or during my stage show at work.  Why??? Because I don’t want to do something I am not comfortable with while stripping on stage!  Think what happens if I slip on top of a girl just because I want to practice my non dominant side on stage!!?

Are you a full time poler; If you’re not a full time poler, how do you balance work, friends, life and pole?

I am defiantly not a full time poler, but I do work with poles when I work in downtown.  I have an unique life style in Toronto, which allowed me to mix work, friends and pole all together!  I Call it: “Sex, Drug, Rock n POLE” !!!

What inspires your movement? Why do you dance?

My instructor Elisabeth always inspires me.  She encouraged me to do my first showcase outside of the strip club and I thank her for that.  I dance because I love to dance, I am doing this for myself because I am happy when I pole dance.

Heels or No Heels?

What Kind of question is that??? I am a guy, no heels!

Favourite song to dance to?

Heart Breaker by Mia Martina

Favourite pole dance move?

Ceiling Walk in the strip club, Extended Butterfly in the studio.

What pole move is your nemesis?

Iron X…. because I can’t land softly.  Sooo up set!!!

Favourite pole clothing brands?

HeyHey&CO for sure!

Pole of choice: Size, Material, Height, Static, Spin?

Tall (at least 2 or 3 floor high), 40mm X-pole on spin mode would be my weapon of choice. 

Finish this sentence.

Pole dancing is…. not as hard as you think it is!


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