About me…

I started my blogging journey in 2007 when I was expecting my son with the blog WisemanConspiracy. It was a record of my journey into parenthood and a stay at home mom. My most popular blogs post quickly became recipes and food related; iF it’s wiseman monster apprOveD was born. iF it’s wiseman monster apprOveD  was a recipe and food journal of my battle with my son to get him to eat anything that was not a banana or crackers; as my son grew his tastes got more diverse and the need to record and share recipes with others diminished. By 2012 I had pretty much completely stopped blogging; however I was always talking about starting a new blog that reflected my life better as it now is.

As a mom we are many things but the most important role we play are role models; our children learn by example.  Wanting to be a great role model for my son is where my new journey in finding who I am as a person started; Food Life Pole w. P is me sharing some of these stories with you.

My family is my inspiration and motivation:

  • IMG_0053I did not want him growing up with mom watching on the side line because she was not able to keep up. So in 2011 I relearned how to eat and over the next 2 years lost approximately 100 lb.
  • I do not want him growing up judging others by appearance or to feel obligated to dress/look a particular way to fit in societies “normal box”. So I stopped thinking about what others where thinking.
  • I do not want him to ever feel he missed an opportunity or did not try something because he felt is was to hard. So I started to try all sorts of things I always wanted to. This is when I fell in love with pole and circus.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog,

Your truly, Pierrette 


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