AJL Workshops at Pole Inc.

Today I had the opportunity once again to learn from Andrea James Lui an amazing Canadian Pole Athlete that lives and trains in Australia.  Whenever she travels to Canada she treats us with the most wonderful workshops. I took both of her pole styles workshops today and came up with so much to think about if you ever have a chance to do these with her ~ DO IT!

Next week Pole Inc. will be hosting her again for Get Bent: Partner Stretch Technique and Bendy Babes: Flexible Pole Tricks Workshops. The partner stretch workshop is open to anyone, not just pole dancers. Proper partner stretching is so valuable to anyone working on increasing flexibility; for me most of my flexibility breakthrough have come with the help of a stretching partner.

I also asked Andrea today: “What if im not super bendy can I still do the bendy babes workshop?” The answer: “Of course you can, we have modifications for everyone it’s not necesarly about being the bendiest! We will have dancers at all different levels of flexibility” So just cause you don’t have your splits is not a reason to pass on this great opportunity. If you want to learn so awesome tricks from a pro this workshops is for you don’t be intimidated by the word bendy ~ I know I can sometimes.


“Eat, sleep, pole, repeat”

Yours truly ~ Pierrette.


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