Establishing a Baseline to Test a New Product – Week 2 and A Wedding

Week 2 Progress In Notes and Pictures

Day 1 – Weight 151.2lb. Waist at belly button: 34 1/2″ R Thigh: 23 1/4″ L Thigh: 23 1/2″

Day 8 – Weight 147.7lb.
Waist at belly button: 33″
R Thigh: 23 3/4″ L Thigh: 22 7/8″

Day 1 – Weight lb.

Day 9 – Weight 148.3lb.

Day 3 – Weight 148lb.

Day 10 – Weight 148lb.

Day 10 – Weight 148lb.

Day 11 – Weight 144.8lb.

Day 10 – Weight 144.8lb.

Day 12 – Weight 146.3lb.

Day 12 – Weight 146.3lb.

Day 13 – Weight 144.8lb.

Day 13 – Weight 144.8lb.

Day 14 – Weight 145.2lb.

Observations and Notes:

  • Last Sunday and Tuesday I had binge eating fits and you can see it in the early numbers of this weeks. I started day 8 at 147.7lb. even though on day 7, I was pretty much a full pound lighter at 146.8lb. This is something I want to talk about! For all of you out there trying to lose weight, its normal to fluctuate from day-to-day this is one of the reason I don’t encourage you to weight yourself everyday like I’m doing. Your weight fluctuates so much based on what you ate the day before, are you bloated, are you pre-menstrual or menstrual, have you gone to the toilet, the time of day you weight yourself, I could continue to name factors all morning long. Weighing yourself at the same time once every 2 weeks will help you stay on track without having to see the numbers ping-pong up and down everyday.
  • The issue I believed I had with persimmons last week is pretty much confirmed; this makes me sad; but such is life when your body is so sensitive to food.
  • I have been mixing up the shake ingredients this week. I already knew I loved blueberries or strawberries with the chocolate SunWarriorprotein powder. This week I tried cherries I think I have a new favorite combo! President Choice sells these amazing frozen cherries that are perfect for tossing into your shakes.
  • I was sick Wednesday to Friday. This caused my to take a break from training and well slept for most of the day with the exception of having to get up and parent the kiddo. I also skipped my vitamins on those days as it was painful to swallow anything that was not liquide. Weekends are rest days for me so all in all I had a pretty inactive week. I really look forward to kick starting my week on Monday with my abs/butt/leg routine and evening classes at Pole Inc.
  • On day 13 I attended one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to in a long time congratulations to my amazing friends Sam & Roel and the lovely kiddo for tying the knot and making their family official on paper. This was a beautiful celebration of their love that we all knew was strong and amazing. However I cheated on my diet, as most people do at celebrations, and ate not one but probably 3-4 items from my food intolerance list. By Sunday night my ankles where sensitive, I was bloated and congestion was setting in; however that wedding cake made it all worth it!
  • So on day 14 I am now down 6lb. from when I started on day 1 at 151.2lb. This week I dropped 1.6lb this seems like a much more reasonable number as one should not lose weight to fast as it’s not healthy.
Photo by: Geoff Wiseman

Photo by: Geoff Wiseman

Before and After Shots

Day 1 Day 15

Day 1                             Day 14


Day 1                          Day 14

“It’s actually pretty simple either you do it, or you don’t!”

Yours truly ~ Pierrette.


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