Establishing a Baseline to Test a New Product

In January I am going to try out a new fitness programme that my cousin Karen has been working with for sometime, she swears this is amazing and once I try I will never go back. I’m sceptical as always.

Why wait till January ~ well it’s simple, my life is too busy right now to add anything else.

Part of this programme includes drinking a shake in the morning. She claims that this shake will make you feel fuller, replace your vitamines and give you more energy enabling you to lose weight faster!  I figured If I’m going to try this I need a baseline to compare it to. So while I wait for my schedule to clear up so that I can properly incorporate the fitness half of this program I will establish a baseline. None of this baseline business is truly new to me I probably already start 3 out of 7 mornings with a shake the other days I have protein and fruit.

Establishing My Baseline

  • make sure I never miss my vitamines
  • start the morning with a protein shake
  • maintain my 500 calorie deficit per day (I am trying to lose that last 10 annoying pounds)
  • continue with my exercise routine as usual
  • take daily progress picks and weight ins
  • Take a weekly measurements
  • share my results weekly here

What Protein and Vitamins Am I Using

The vitamins I take every morning are:

What goes into my shake:

It is also important to note that I follow my morning shake with my morning tea it’s always a black tea and I make a full pot using 2 tea bags. So approximately 1250mL of tea ~ I know that is a lot of tea! For the last few weeks I have been drinking Tetley Signature Collection High Tea.

Week One Progress In Notes and Pictures

Day 1 Weight 151lb. Waist Hips R Thigh L Thigh

Day 1 – Weight 151.2lb.
Waist at belly button: 34 1/2″
R Thigh: 23 1/4″ L Thigh: 23 1/2″

Day 2 Weight:150.8

Day 2 – Weight:150.8lb.

Day 3 - w

Day 3 – Weight: 151.1lb

Day 2 - Weight:148.9lb.

Day 4 – Weight:148.9lb.

Day 4 - Weight:148.9lb.

Day 5 – Weight:147.8lb.


Day 6 – Weight: 147.0lb.

 Day 6 - Weight: 147.0lb.

Day 7 – Weight: 146.8lb.

 What I learned during the last week…

  • Happy surprise for me; while trying to create a baseline I lost 4.4lb. Their might be something to kick starting your day with shakes and supplements.
  • You can tell what my exercise plans are for the day based on my progress pics! Can you guess the days I’m doing pole vs. circus?
  • I was surprised that most days I felt full with only having a shake in the morning. However most days by 10:30 I wanted a snack; keep in mind I usually start my day at 6:30am.
  • I also had a reaction this week to an unknown intolerance. Not sure if it’s the yummy persimmons that we bought or if it’s the daily consumption of the greens and protein powder. I am going to start by eliminating the persimmons and see what happens. More news on this next week.
  • My energy levels have been up that can probably be accounted to the fact that I am never missing my vitamins and the Greens First I have been consuming daily. I have also noticed I am more well rested and I sleep better at night.
  • Maintaining my calorie deficit of 500 calories per day has been substantial easier this week, however this could also be attribute to the fact that I was planning on blogging about this process and well when you share your fitness and diet journey with the world it’s a great way to be held accountable for what you eat.

Before and After Shots


Day 1                                         Day 7


Day 1                                          Day 7

“No matter how slow you go you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

Yours truly ~ Pierrette.


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