Progressive – VegEssential All in One – Don’t Go There!

I seldomly blog negative reviews of services or products, most times I would rather say nothing but I just could not resist in this case. This week I received a free sample of Progressive Veg Essential Protein Powder. All I have to say is: don’t go there; don’t touch it; don’t do it!

After trying and immediately deciding this was not consumable I turned to the hubby and asked him to try it. It was vanilla flavoured and you know i like chocolate protein powder so maybe that was the issue. Nope the hubby that strictly drinks vanilla also agree this really should not be consumed.

It ended up going down the drain and I made myself a new smoothy!

So you ask what was our issue with it:

  • Chalky
  • Bad taste
  • Left an after taste in my mouth that I could not get ride of for hours
  • Chunky, my Vita-mix could not make it smooth!


Yours truly, Pierrette


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