Wall Sconces – Headache #1

About 3 weeks ago we started the slow transformation of our living room to a home dance studio.  I say slow because we only have Sundays free to work on the project. What prompted this is my kiddo’s request.  In his words “Mama all I want for Christmas are my own silks so I can practice at home.”  It’s hard to refuse such a reasonable mature request from our mini circus performer in training. I already have a pole up in my living room and we have debated over the last 2 years about transforming it in a proper home studio. Silks would be a nice addition as I could use them for conditioning and practice as well.

Since the space will be used mainly for aerial dance one of the 1st steps was to remove any existing dangling lights and replace them will lamps and sconces. This sounds like a pretty easy step however I’m picky! I wanted to select something that was going to give out a good amount of light (high lumens) and that was not too delicate in case circus equipment comes crashing into them. After lots of research I narrowed it down to a few choices then to one and placed our order only to find out they are on backorder till February!


Superordinate Antler Sconce – This was the whole family first choice however we decided that spending over $1000 for 2 wall scones that are made from ceramic was not the best choice for this space.


Diamond Lighting Large Stick Wall Sconce – This was our second choice.

Light ordered

Zuo Modern 504Idea Black – This is the light we ended up ordering. Flexible bulb choices as it takes a standard bulb therefore we can use an LED equivalent in it. Not to expensive total order for 2 came to $241.75. No small bits that stick out or glass components that can easily be broken.

“Where there is light there must be shadow.”

Yours truly Pierrette


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