Life has been a bit over crazy for the last few weeks.  We started the waterproofing on our home to discover that 30 feet of our foundation has to be rebuilt. FML!  I can basically see outside threw my foundation “walls” from the basement.

hole in wall

My contractors from Act Fast Waterproofing have been wonderful; so far the waterproofing is moving along great and they are not skipping any steps. Unfortunately I need to find a different contractor for the foundation re-built as this type of work is not part of the waterproofers scope of practice. After my foundation is fixed the guys from Act Fast will come back and finish the waterproofing job.


On another note my training schedule has been taking a bit of a down turn. Since my home studio is also getting a make over all my equipment is packed up and sadly my home away from home Pole Inc. has temporarily closed it’s door.  Alex; I’m sending you good vibes to find a new location soon and continue to be our fearless pole mama! In the mean time I’m doubling up on my aerial silks classes at Artists’ Play and trying to catch the odd pole class here and there at various studios.

Side note:  If you live in the east end of Toronto and are looking for an amazing dance school check out Artists’ Play schedule they offer adult dance classes and also have an amazing kids programme and a beautiful talented youth company.

This week is also 3 of the Kiddo’s recitals/in class showings.  So for the last few weeks we have been stepping up our practice game at home! This Monday it was Hip Hop at Artists’ Play here is a little clip from his performance…

Totally unrelated to my crazy month I got suckered into doing the Facebook most used words game thingy! I love how it turned out my kiddo and fitness the 2 most important things in life right now according to Facebook!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 20.55.52

“After a storm comes a calm.”

Your truly Pierrette


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