Gluten Free Breads

When your son has more food intolerance that include gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, buckwheat and millet to name a few it is hard to find bread that he wants to eat that meets all his requirements that is also nut free. I found one, yes only one, that I can only seem to buy at FreshCo.

First I want to say thank you to Food for Life for making a school safe bread that my son can eat that I also enjoy eating! However finding the bread is not always the most convenient and it’s not cheep at $6.99 a loaf. Therefore I am starting a new adventure: making my own bread that is free of the following allergens: nuts, lentils, buckwheat, gluten, soy, millet, oat, sesame, barley, eggs, dairy, cane sugar, artificial additives, artificial preservatives and artificial colouring.

Step #1

Find some recipes after about an hour of online research I found a total of 3 recipes!

If you know of any other recipes that meet all the requirements feel free to share a link with me in the comments!

Step #2

Make all the recipes at least twice. I say twice because I do not know how many times I have baked something and the first time the kiddo says it’s the best thing in the world to just turn around and refuse to eat it the next time I make it. Obviously make sure the bread passes the family test of edibility also.

Step #3

Play with the recipes I like and come up with variations.

Step #4

Share my new-found recipes with you!

Well, I mean, bread, I mean, I’ve got to have bread too to live.” ~ Anthony Quinn

Yours truly Pierrette


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