Taking a “Mental Life Inventory”

I spend part of the holidays pondering all the various goals I have in regards to pole dancing. Where do I want this to take me? What does pole dancing mean to me? What keeps me motivated? What are my passions?  What are my fitness goals? How does all this fit in with my family? I could probably write a post about every single one of those questions; however like many other things I could write about I don’t have that much time.

I came up with a list of current long-term pole dancing goals:

Then I reassessed the list by prioritizing items; weighed the pros and cons of all the items and looked at how they would fit in my life. A much shorter list was created. The items dropped off are just placed on hold for now and will get resurrected once again next year. For 2015 I’m going to concentrate on these:

  • Get my teacher certification
  • Practice pole dancing doubles
  • Take aerial silks classes
  • Take twerk classes
  • Travel to other studios
  • Learn to eat without counting calories
  • Get my splits (or at least try)
  • Increase my shoulder flexibility

The only item I am still flip-flopping about is performing in a showcases. It’s hard to believe but I really dislike having all eyes on me.

I’m closing this post with a picture of one of my top pole dancing achievements of 2014. This was one of the move I used to be terrified of…

lay back

…it no longer feels scary and has become one of my favourite go to moves.


3 thoughts on “Taking a “Mental Life Inventory”

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